And how most people habitually train their brain to resist focus altogether.

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Sometimes my brain can be frustratingly irresponsive, even when I do everything right. I close the door to my study and leave my phone on the other side, along with the cats. I close all browsers except for Soft Murmur and prepare my notes.

Yet my brain just won’t focus…

A 3-step checklist to help you solve the dilemma.

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Humans need change. Change fuels growth and contributes heavily to who we become as we walk through life.

Yet, making big life-shaping decisions can be one of the most daunting processes to go through. Sure, there are times when you just know. But what about all the other times? …

The most overlooked way to improve your health.

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You won’t believe it at first.

I didn’t. The book was a gift. A weird one, I thought. For starters, what’s with the name?

But my friend insisted I give it a go. ‘Just read the first few pages. Surely you could do that for me?’ …

5 myths, and 3 truths.

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There’s nothing wrong with misconceptions. In fact, I think they’re great. They open up space for debate.

Switching to a low-waste, sustainable lifestyle is a challenge to deep-rooted modern conveniences. Therefore, it’s surrounded by plenty of myths. And these myths also sometimes serve as excuses.

Many people would genuinely love…

And why thousands of people who already do this would never go back.

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Think one plastic bottle doesn’t matter?

I used to think so too. On the rare occasions that I gave plastic a thought, that is. I hardly ever paid attention to it. I set up a recycling bin next to our normal bin, and thought I was covered.

I had no…

Choose the best of your world.

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I’m a minimalist, so I should be telling you to sell your things, pack your bags, and move to a tiny house.

But I won’t.

The main idea behind minimalism is to get rid of the things and habits that don’t serve your happiness.

This to me translates as a…

Pain itself might not be the toughest challenge you face.

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Snow-white curtains are gently floating in the late afternoon breeze. The descending sun has painted the room orange. Crisp cotton sheets. A pool. A man’s shirt on the floor.

I’d used the shirt to throw over my dusky pink lace underwear. Such a cliche.

And now?

Tears are flooding my…

Don’t miss the high demand, low competition sweet spot.

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If you don’t already have an existing audience, starting an Amazon business from scratch in 2021 is crazy. Amazon is saturated. Unless you come up with a brand new superstar invention everyone wants, it’s impossible to get noticed alongside the firmly established big players. You will be suffocated.

This is…

Translated into real-life growth lessons.

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I’m sharing a bedroom with someone other than a boyfriend for the first time since my last teenage sleepover. This person is a total stranger. We’re not allowed to talk. Or look each other in the eye.

Our tiny dorm-room is in a converted barn — stone walls, drafty windows…

Love stories need buildings that start them.

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My local London council is about to bulldoze the theatre where I met the love of my life.

The Coronet is an old giant. Built strong and solid around a brownbrick railway arch in 1879, many original art-deco features are still preserved in the main auditorium. Charlie Chaplin, who once…

Martina Doleckova

Minimalist with 4 rescued cats and a maximalist book collection. Left a safe 9–5 in scientific publishing to live my life. Fan of alternatives.

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