And the world’s most innocent habit currently training your brain to resist deep work.

“Don’t grab the phone. Don’t grab the phone. Don’t grab the phone.” / Photo: Nathana…

The brain is so frustrating sometimes.

I mean, I’ve done everything right. I closed the door. I left my phone on the other side, along with the cats (much to their dismay). I closed all browsers except for Soft Murmur and I’m duly staring at my notes.

Yet my brain…

A 3-step checklist to help you solve the dilemma.

This is the face you want to be making as an aftermath. /Photo: Gian Cescon

Decisions, decisions.


Trying to navigate a life-shaping decision can be so excruciatingly haunting.

Sure, there are times when you just know. But what about all the other times? The times when even the most extensive list of pros and cons leaves you none the wiser?

Often the pros sound…

Especially when you want progress.

“On my third cup and counting.” /Photo: Annie Spratt

Avoid, stop, block it out.

Procrastination is evil. Daydreaming kills your time. Take your head out of the clouds and back to earth.

As a student, that’s literally all I ever heard. At the office, I used to hide my daydreaming behind my monitor, pretending interest in spreadsheets. Like everyone…

What the everyday reality of making conscious choices actually looks like.

“Only occasionally hitting a wall.” /Photo David Pisnoy

Switching to a low-waste sustainable lifestyle is a challenge.

Not to us, but to our deeply-rooted, much loved conveniences.

Which is why it’s also surrounded by plenty of myths. Myths that gladly serve our excuses.

Many people would love to try, but it just sounds too hard. And I totally…

Don’t miss the high demand, low competition sweet spot.

Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash

If you don’t already have an existing audience, starting an Amazon business from scratch now is crazy. Amazon is saturated. Unless you come up with a brand new superstar invention everyone wants, it’s impossible to get noticed alongside the firmly established big players. You will be suffocated.

This is certainly…

Welcome to your most radical mind reboot yet.

Just as you think you know it all. / Photo: Fabian Albert

I’m sharing a bedroom with someone other than a boyfriend for the first time since my last teenage sleepover.

This person is a total stranger. We’re not allowed to talk. Or look each other in the eye.

Sleeping in a converted barn would normally seem romantic, tonight it’s creepy. I…

Martina Doleckova

A minimalist maximalist with 4 rescued cats. Left a safe 9–5 in scientific publishing to live my life. Fan of alternatives. South London💛

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