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Books have been changing our lives for centuries. Many other ways of communication and knowledge sharing eventually turn obsolete. Most new inventions succumb to technology development as fast as they boom. But unlike post pigeons, landlines, CDs, or fax machines, books have survived.

Mindblowingly, books have kept their pole position over entire centuries. They continue to inspire millions without any signs of stopping. Endless streams of new releases still educate, empower, and entertain people just as much today as they always have. …

It’s never too late to change the course

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I’m not going to lie — I’ve been struggling with 2020 fatigue.

Like so many other people, I’m exhausted. I usually love early mornings, but now I can’t get out of bed. I struggle to keep a productive day. My writing brain is vexed with me because I cannot put sufficient words to paper.

At this point, normally, the year would be wrapping up nicely. But this time around there’s so much insecurity, and the fear of the things we can’t control still feels incredibly raw.

For many of us, 2020 was supposed to be our year. We planned, we imagined, we started building. …

Sometimes your dream life needs you to just jump.

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The other day I’ve cut my own hair following a random YouTube video. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal. But if you’ve done the same in quarantine, you know how scary it is to do the first cut. And the second. And the third.

It reminded me of something Elizabeth Gilbert famously said:

We mainly deal with two types of fear.

The first is your primal fear, which takes care of your self-preservation, and which you absolutely need. …

Use writer’s block to your advantage

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Writing is an unpredictable, whimsical process that can be just as frustrating as it is rewarding. One day it’s flowy and effortless, and you love it. The next, it’s your top irritation. Getting the words out feels as hard as trying to impress your in-laws, and the blank page looks as off-putting as your laundry basket in the corner, overflowing with dirty socks.

Whether you’re new to writing or have been enjoying its ups and downs for a while, you’ve probably been through equal amounts of both euphoric and disheartening writing moments.

And some days, you’ve probably made writing excuses and avoided your desk altogether. This is called writing avoidance behavior, and it happens to almost everyone. Writing avoidance days are different from break days; they don’t mean you’re rebooting or giving the mind a rest. In fact, the effect is likely quite the opposite. …

This instantly sets your bottom line.

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This isn’t working anymore.

You remember the way you two were at the start, and you don’t feel as secure anymore, as .

Things are often awkward. It’s like your communication has frozen deep into the layers of Arctic ice. Like you are facing a cul-de-sac. It’s frustrating and you get nowhere whenever you try talking about it. You can’t help but wonder. Is your relationship falling apart?

The good news is, if both of you truly want to move forward, you can ask yourselves one extremely powerful question. This question will instantly tell you where you stand. And your answers will set a ground strong enough to build on. …

As it turns out, berries have superpowers.

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It doesn’t matter what your current diet looks like. Some foods have the power to instantly boost your immunity, regardless.

But why should you care? Surely it’s easier to pop a vitamin pill, and you’re covered.

Well, not all multivitamin pills get fully absorbed by your body. And what if you knew about the range of powerful natural foods, proven to consistently do a much better job?

Many people have no idea about the difference they can make just by throwing more whole-foods in their grocery trolley. For the most part, you have to be actively interested in nutrition to find out even the basic health benefits of everyday fruit and veg. Most readily available recommendations don’t go beyond the usual 5-a-day advice. …

The most overlooked way to improve your health.

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You won’t believe it at first.

I didn’t. The book was a gift. A weird one, I thought. For starters, what’s with the name?

But my friend insisted I give it a go. ‘Just read the first few pages. Surely you could do that for me?’ he asked with a cute smile.

, I giggled inside. ‘Alrite’, I grinned back. Later that week, on a rainy Thursday, I sat down with some cookies, and brought along the heavy paperback.

I examined the cover with a sceptical smirk. I totally judged it. But when I finally opened the book, the smirk was soon replaced with puzzled amazement. …

Both the short and the long answer.

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Many people these days want to quit social media. But they’re also scared.

And for a good reason. We’ve become so accustomed to using social media multiple times a day, that we simply cannot imagine life without it.

We’re afraid quitting would cut off the entire world, mute our supply of news, and make our friends vanish.

And while the outcome isn’t the same for everyone, two of my friends and I have had surprisingly similar experiences. Want to know what really happened?

The short answer is— nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Well, at least none of the things we were afraid of. …


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